Kelearn | Professional Diploma in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Editing
Professional Diploma in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Editing
Course Overview
Professional Diploma in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Editing

Medical transcription is the documentation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into word documents for insurance & record purpose. Speech recognition refers to the ability of a machine or program to identify words and phrases in human speech and convert them to a machine-readable text. As the accuracy of the machine converted text is below the standards, manual editing and proofing is necessary, and this task can be accomplished only by a well-trained and qualified professional. Our course is intended to improve your skills in editing and proofing which are the basic skills needed for grabbing better job opportunities in ASR editing. You will be certified by KELTRON upon successful completion of the course, which will widen your horizon of opportunities. The course is delivered using interactive multimedia contents, which give you the freedom of taking the course online from the place and time of your convenience.

Why this Course

MTs with experience can find better job opportunities and better salary after ASR Training


Transcription Industry is moving from manual transcription to Automatic Speech Recognition based Transcription


Companies are favouring candidates with ASR Transcription Training & Experience

Course Details
Minimum Qualification : Professional Diploma in MT, Plus Two

  Human Body Systems

  ASR Editing

Job Opportunities
  • ASR Editor
  • Proofreader
  • VRE Editor
  • Quality Analyst
  • MT Editor
  • Medical Transcriptionist (MT)
  • Medical Language Specialist (MLS)
  • Speech Recognition Editor

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