Frequently asked questions ?

  • What is KeLearn?
  • KeLearn (pronounced as "KAY-LEARN") is the e-Learning portal of Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (KELTRON), a Govt. of Kerala Enterprise. 

  • What are the various course modes in KeLearn?
  • KeLearn offers courses in three modes

    1) E-Learning mode - Take training programs from the comfort of your home, work place, or any other places where you have access to computer and internet. Training programs are conducted with the help of interactive multimedia content.  You will be tracked and monitored using our proprietary learning management system. Certifying examination will be conducted at a Keltron centre or through proctored online examination.
    2) Classroom-based mode - Take training programs through any of our training centres spread across Kerala.  You will be taught by an experienced faculty using the interactive multimedia content. The certifying examination will be conducted at the training centre itself.
    3) Instructor-led mode - Take training programs from the comfort of your home or other places as mentioned in the E-learning mode.  Faculty will take classes through Virtual Classroom. Digital multimedia contents are also used in the training programs.
  • How do I join a KeLearn training program?
  • Step 1:  Go to the page where course details are displayed.

    Step 2:  Click on "Join Now" Button

    Step 3:  Provide your details

    Step 4:  One of our experienced course counselors will get in touch with you to provide more details about the program

    Step 5:  Make course fee payment

    Step 6:  Begin class

  • How do I make course fee payments?
  • All course fees shall be paid as DD in the name of KERALA STATE ELECTRONICS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED payable at Thiruvananthapuram.  The DD shall be submitted at the training center itself If you are undertaking a training program through the center.

    For E-learning and Instructor-led programs, the DD shall be sent to:

    KeLearn Central Processing Center
    G2, Jawahar Nagar
    Kerala 695003



  • Can I make course fee payments in installments?
  • Yes!  You can make course fee payments in installments as per the terms and conditions for the particular course.  See the course fee section of each course to understand more about the installment options.

  • Do I get any faculty assistance during training?
  • Yes, Ofcourse!  In class-room based and instructor-led mode, you will be trained by a faculty.  In E-learning, faculty support will be available between 9 am and 5 pm and you can interact with our faculty directly through the inbuilt communication tools in our training system.

  • How am I assessed during the training program?
  • Our training system has an in-built 3-tier evaluation mechanism, which ensures proper learning.  A Certification Examination will also be conducted at the end of the training program.  This examination is conducted either at our training center or through an online proctored examination mode.

  • Do I get any Certificate after my training program?
  • KELTRON will issue certificate to all students who successfully complete our training program.  Our certificate is accepted by both Govt. and Private sector companies and has international validity.

  • Do I get any job assistance after successful completion of training program?
  • All students who successfuly complete our job-oriented training programs with prescribed grades are eligible for placement assistance.  KELTRON has tie-ups with several companies who recruit regularly from us.