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  • “Hi! I completed my Diploma in Medical Transcription successfully from Kelearn. I am thankful to the Kelearn team. They have been very helpful in clearing my doubts. They have an efficient staff. The online study materials were very easy to understand. The whole program was helpful as it helped me brush up on my grammar, learned a lot about the human body, and improved my typing skills. The program was very flexible. I had to travel to the Middle East during the duration of my course and did not have to worry about missing classes. I have to appreciate the tutors for always being ready to answer any questions. I would recommend Kelearn to my friends. ”

    Thushara Vinay

    MT Trainee

  • “Hi , I have just completed my Advanced Medical Transcription Training from KELEARN. The whole experience of learning a new course within the comforts of my home and at my convenient timing was really good. The Language of Medicine module in the course material which included anatomy, physiology, and pathological conditions of all organ systems in the human body was easy to understand. The team of experts at the center were always ready to help. The prompt and clear correction of the tests motivated me to do better each time. The tutors regularly cleared my doubts through phone/mail which is truly commendable. The final exam was also conducted very systematically. I take this opportunity to thank the entire team for all the help and guidance extended to me during my course of study. Regards Vinitha S. ”


    MT Trainee

  • “Hi, KELEARN Advanced Medical Transcription Training Program was a really amazing experience. Right from the start, the centre where I was enrolled, to which I had easy access over the phone, and the tutors at KELTRON helped me sail through the whole program easily. The lucidly put together slides of Language of Medicine with its audio made the theory and the pronunciation of complicated words so easy to understand and comprehend. The tutors usually shocked me with the promptness with which they responded to our submissions which mostly consisted of "blanks" in the early stages. I liked the way I was encouraged and egged on to look for answers on the internet - and finding the answers by myself made me aware of the wealth of knowledge waiting for us out there! I did not know that an online course could provide such wholesome education. Credit goes to the Program for making me confident as I enter the world of a Medical Transcriptionist. Regards, Susan Samuel.. ”

    Susan Samuel

    MT Trainee

  • “I really would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to the whole Kelearn Team for designing such an Advanced Medical Transcription Course. With no doubt I can say that the Training Program was one of the great experiences that I had in my life. The support and advice given by my tutors and online supporters are really appreciable. The course materials provided by you were easy and simple to follow. Some medical terms and Drug Names were bit difficult for me to follow in the beginning, but regular examinations and my Tutor's remarks helped me a lot to become better each day and to complete my course successfully. Once again, I thank Kelearn for all your support, help, and guidance.. ”


    MT Trainee

  • “First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Kelearn for designing this online Advanced Medical Transcription Training Program. I really had a good experience. Initially, I was little worried about doing this online course since it was my first experience, but the tutors were really supportive and helped me whenever I had difficulty in completing the modules. Their feedback helped me to improve myself and complete my course successfully. The course material and teaching method were really good. The best part is that I got job in a hospital as medical transcriptionist when I was doing the course. The course, especially Language of Medicine and Typing Master really helped me a lot in my job. Once again I would like to thank Kelearn team for introducing me to medical transcription field, and being so helpful and supportive throughout my course. Wishing Kelearn all the very best.. ”

    Ann Remya

    MT Trainee

  • “MT training program was really one of the great experiences that I ever had in my life. The support given by Kelearn helpdesk and Mr.Navin Chacko of Cochin branch has helped me a lot to complete the course on time. I would like to request that it would be better if you inform the newcomers to learn 6-7 hours a day and ask them to complete the course by 4 months. Only then will they be able to do the practice files within the next two months.. ”

    Remla Devi

    MT Trainee

  • “As a doctor, I am always interested to learn about related subjects like the Medical Transcription. The online KELEARN Advanced Medical Transcription Training Program provided the perfect tools for me to learn about the various aspects of the Medical Transcription at my home, which I could complete as per the prescribed time-schedule at my own convenient timings. All the modules in the training program are very well structured and the step-by-step lessons are very lucidly explained and helpful for all students in general, apart from the medical professionals. I thank Kelearn Helpdesk personnel for guiding me during the various stages of the course. I recommend the above course for all aspirants who are keen and sincere to learn Medical Transcription. ”


    MT Trainee

  • “I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to Kelearn for their Advanced Medical Transcription Course. The online support system is fantastic; responses are immediate and tutors extremely helpful. The course content is also elaborate and almost exhaustive. Once again, I thank the whole team for the help and support provided during the course.. ”

    Shiney Senthil Kumar


  • “First of let me thank Keltron for designing such a wonderful course. I joined this course after a long search of studying something in my own place at my own time. I really enjoyed doing the course. When enrolling, I did not realize how much time was involved and how much time I had to dedicate, I knew there was a purpose and a goal for me to complete! The tutor's remarks were helpful and the student support given was always professional, positive and appropriate. Studying by correspondence was challenging. I could work and progress at my own pace and I could study at the time of the day that suited me best. The tutors were always supportive and pointed me in the right direction when I was off the track. I wish Kelearn all the best and take this opportunity to thank my tutors.. ”

    Soumya Prasad

    MT Trainee

  • “It was really a nice journey all through these days along KeLearn, and in true words from my side, i could improve a lot by the prompt design of the curriculum, the timely monitoring systems, and all over, the full support of my KeLearn tutors. "I wish KeLearn all the very best and waiting to see KeLearn going global" Thanks and Regards Pradeep. ”

    Pradeep C G

    MT Trainee

  • “Thanks to the whole team for giving me the best training in home based medical transcription in a suitable time in my own pace. I would like to inform my sincere thanks to online tutors . Shahidha Mohammed Ali. ”

    Shahidha Mohammed Ali

    MT Trainee

  • “I am very much happy to write this testimonial for Kelearn which is helping people around the globe to get trained in medical transcription. I took up this online course from New Zealand as I could learn from the comfort of my home and become a professional in 6 months. The constant guidance and support provided by my Kelearn tutor along with my dedication and hard work has enabled me to complete the course successfully. I enjoyed all the modules in the course, but the one I liked the most was the Transcription module B set files where Kelearn has the most difficult files to train the students. I find that if we put our maximum effort and try to do these files on our own, each one of us will gain more confidence in a work atmosphere in future and transcribing normal files will be a cakewalk. I am confident that the exposure gained to the most difficult files during my Kelearn course will enable me in future to more effectively apply my skills on the job as a medical transcriptionist. I thank Kelearn for the exemplary course program. Wish you all the best.. ”


    MT Trainee

  • “The MT course @ kelearn has been a wonderful learning experience for me. The course is very well structured and learner-friendly. The course material is excellent. The technical support was also very responsive. The most remarkable part of my experience was the constant guidance and support that I have received from the instructors throughout the course. Thank you kelearn for helping me on my journey to become a skilled Medical Transcriptionist. Rejini Ninan. ”

    Rejini Ninan

    MT Trainee

  • “With great sincerity I credit my accomplishment to the tutors of team Kelearn. Inspite of my busy life, they had guided and helped me to finish this course with flying colors. I even questioned my capability of doing well in this course. Thanks to the encouragement of the tutors; I had gained the confidence to continue my course. Now I believe, I made the right choice in learning with Kelearn. Thank you, Sabitha Kallai. ”

    Sabitha Kallai

    MT Trainee

  • “The concept of coaching online at the start seemed an impossible task for me. However, with constant and patient support from the coaching faculty in Bangalore as well as in Kerala, I began to understand the process and now believe in it totally. I have just completed my medical transcription course and I must say that this has been one of the best experiences of my life with a wonderful platform, curriculum, and with great tutors. It has been a great pleasure being a part of the Keltron institute and studying under talented and potential tutors I really appreciate the entire online process and special thanks to the tutors in Bangalore and Kerala for being the support at all the time and guiding me during the study. In fact, I recommend this training to all. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much for all your guidance, help, inspiration, and support. Musarath M. ”

    Musarath M

    MT Trainee

  • “I am very happy with the training given by Keltron. The committed tutors of kelearn should be appreciated for their care for each and every candidate. The training period was such that it gave me knowledge and confidence to be a medical transcriptionist. Even though some aspects like “drug names” were difficult for me, help of tutors gave me an opportunity to pass the hurdle with ease. The training modules was up to the standard and training from kelearn is definitely top class. The feedback from tutors helped me a lot. I am thankful to all the members of the kelearn including my tutor. I also feel that the MT training programme from kelearn is the topmost in this field. Thank you for giving me exposure to the field of medical transcription. Felicia Maria Joseph. ”

    Felicia Maria Joseph

    MT Trainee

  • “am Aparna Ekbal. I have completed Keltron's online Medical Transcription training program. I found the course very useful and informative. The course was obviously tough, since it involved studying medical terminologies and drug names, but with the help of the tutors, I was able to do well. I appreciate the way you put an effort to clear all our doubts and help us throughout the course. Thank you for providing such a wonderful course. Aparna Ekbal. ”

    Aparna Ekbal

    MT Trainee

  • “Hai Kelearn, My entry to this medical transcription course was unexpected but I used to watch the developments in the medical field regularly. I started the course with a moderate enthusiasm, and as I progressed, found it quite interesting. The course material and the method of teaching were really good but they were very strict about the time limits. The tutors at kelearn really did give great support. It was a nice experience learning with kelearn. Santhala V.B B.Tech.(E&C), Kelearn Student. ”

    Santhala - Panamaram

    MT Trainee

  • “I took this course and completed it in May. I just started my second MT job three weeks ago, so beginning jobs are out there! Thanks, Vineesh. ”



  • “Hi, I have successfully completed Kelearn Advanced Medical Transcription Course, recently. It was one of the amazing experience in my life. I have done the MT Course online as I am in Pune. At the beginning of the Transcription Practice Module, I was a little bit disappointed as I felt very tough. I was not sure that I will be able to complete the Course. After completing two files, I got confidence as I got proper support and guidance from my tutor. It helped me to continue and complete the course successfully. I am very much thankful to the entire Kelearn team for the support and guidance extended during the Online MT Course. They are very co-operative and were ready to clear my doubts at any time. Once again, I thank entire Kelearn Team for the support and guidance extended during the entire MT Course.. ”

    Sreedevi Sunilkumar

    MT Trainee

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